Film Production

LightLyre Films, LLC is a small production house pursuing it's own vision in media production and message.  Call us for help implementing your media vision.  

We produce films, television, books, visual art, digital animation, music and media projects of all sorts.  

Media mentoring is available to students. We love working with new, young minds and many of the people we work with go on to work professionally.

Heart Enough, A "high school musical" with an anti bullying theme

Sinners Teaser Poster

The Sinners of St. Boniface, a "slasher in the woods" horror film.

A Lens to the Soul.  A film by Dan Robinson, and Firey Moon Films.  Dan Ginavan of LightLyre produced the poster and was cinematographer for several interviews in the film including President Bill Clinton.

Medicine Under Canvas, the documentary about the 77th Evacuation Hospital during WWII